About the Author

Baanos, founder of LearnLanguagesOnYourOwn

Hi, my name is Marc and I'm the author of LearnLanguagesOnYourOwn. I'm a native speaker of Quebec French who obtained a major in linguistics at the Université de Montréal. To this day, I speak French (Native), English (Fluent), Brazilian Portuguese (Advanced Intermediate), Spanish (Advanced beginner), but I once spoke Norwegian (Intermediate) and German (Beginner).

My Progression in Language Learning

I managed to learn English at a relatively young age thanks to my mother who made sure to expose me to television in English even though we were in a French-speaking household. I remember having seen countless episodes of Sesame Street as a kid, which helped me greatly in mastering the English language early. My spoken English level was already Intermediate at about 10 years old. The ongoing exposure to TV shows in English became rather voluntary as I progressed through my teenage years and so the learning kept going. I would say that I became fluent at about 16 years old. The majority of the learning came from watching TV. In French-speaking public schools of the Province of Quebec, English class is mandatory from grade 4 up to university, at least, it was at the time. The English taught to me at school during that time was a bonus, although I already knew most of what was taught.


Here in the Province of Quebec, there's something called Cégep which is two years of school spent in a separate institution which takes place right before university (generally from 17 to 19 years old). During these two years, one has to choose a program. I chose history. In my second year, I took a course entitled The West Through Words. This course made me discover a passion for Germanic languages and it made it clear that I wanted to study them scientifically. So, after I had completed Cégep, I started doing my major in linguistics at the Université de Montréal.

Right away, I became quite interested in Danish and I was considering doing my master's degree in Denmark. So, I used language exchange websites, made some reliable Danish friends to practice with and above all, I learned a bit of Danish, although I can't say I ever spoke it. However, upon discovering the Sammenlignende germansk lingvistikk master's program at Universitetet i Oslo I became obsessed with wanting to get into the program and for this reason I transferred all the knowledge of Danish I had gathered and started applying it towards Norwegian. I quickly forgot Danish and after finding Norwegian language partners on language exchange websites, I practiced and learned Norwegian. I was able to express almost any ideas I had in Norwegian, without the need of English. Sadly, the plan of studying in Norway fell out the window for personal reasons during the course of my studies in linguistics.

And a Website was Born...

Later on in my life I decided to learn Brazilian Portuguese. I never took any courses in either Spanish or Portuguese, but I had collected some knowledge of Spanish during my 3 years studying linguistics. As I will explain in the next sections of the website, I fell in love with Brazil and figured that I had to learn Brazilian Portuguese to be able to travel there and have a positive experience. So I came up with a method to learn any language which was inspired by my studies in linguistics and by my past experience of learning languages. I applied this method to learn Brazilian Portuguese and I had great success. In just a month I was conversational in Brazilian Portuguese. I eventually managed to learn the language to a point where I can express any ideas I want in Brazilian Portuguese and I can even understand someone speaking Brazilian Portuguese at a regular pace quite well.

Recently, I decided to share this method with anyone who has an interest in learning one or more languages for free and without anyone teaching it to them. And to make this happen, I created this website. Make sure you read the method thoroughly and ask questions if something isn't clear. I am confident that it can bring you the success that it brought me:

The Method to Learn Any Language