Method to Learn Languages

Throughout my life, I've learned that when taking on a project with the hope of being successful at it, it is always best to follow some method.

Following a method usually means to follow a series of steps with the purpose of achieving something.

Below, I listed the various steps to take, in chronological order, to achieve learning a language on your own:

Step 1: Motivate yourself to learn a language (Do you want to increase your chances to succeed?)

Step 2: Choose which language variety to learn (OK, so you have the motivation to learn a language, but which variety?)

Step 3: Find language partners (Where can you find people who will willingly practice with you?)

Step 4: Assess the language difficulty (Do you know what to expect?)

Step 5: Create a language immersion environment at home (OK, now that you know what language variety to learn, where to learn it from and how difficult it will be, how do you go about learning it?)